New to these questions? See these notes first, along with Set #1 .

1.       What times/circumstances can you remember that made you feel particularly loved by God, as an individual?

2.       As you look back over the timeline of your faith, what have been the darkest times? What did God show you in those times, and how did they resolve—if they have?

3.       How’s your marriage?

4.       How’s parenting going?

5.       How’s your relationship with your folks?

6.       What immediately makes you feel connected with a person? What about disconnected?

7.       What are your spiritual gifts?

8.       Where, when, and with whom do you feel most at home? What represents “home” to you, and why?

9.       What’s a dark time you experienced that most people don’t know about?

10.   What kind of friend do you need? What could I do, practically-speaking to be a true friend to you?


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