12 ways to pray text

  1. Creativity. Pray that God will help them engage students in practical, exciting ways that help students become lifelong learners about His world in each subject.
  2. Peace. Ask God to help teachers perform well not out of fear (of test scores, administrators, parents, job security, etc.) but full of love for God and students. Pray they’ll have peace and wisdom in their personal lives so they can serve students well and with joy.
  3. Love. Pray for genuine compassion and concern for students and their personal struggles and triumphs. Ask God for attentive discernment and vision to truly see and understand their students and their stories. Pray for His help in tearing down natural prejudices and dislikes so teachers can doggedly serve students with kindness no matter how unlovable.
  4. Wisdom. Pray that teachers will build not only children’s minds, but their character, and use words to call forth life in students rather than words that corrupt and harm. Pray that they’ll have wisdom know how to help and guide each student.
  5. Humility. Pray for teachable teachers! Because humility is incredibly key in leadership, pray that God will expose what they don’t know, what they cannot do alone, and what they need, and cause them to be dependent on Him in faith. Ask God that they would not lord their authority over students or insecurely seek students’ approval, but instead seek to call out the best in their students
  6. Endurance. So many teachers are overwhelmed with responsibilities and thin resources. Pray that God will make their arms strong for their tasks (Proverbs 31) and grant them every resource they need.
  7. Patience. Pray that teachers will be long-suffering day after day with their students and coworkers, allowing people to be “in process” in their personal growth and maturity.
  8. Encouragement. Pray that your child’s teachers will be encouraged in their professions, in their students, and by their administration. When they’re tempted by monotony, discouragement, and isolation, pray that God will strengthen them, provide help, and allow them to serve kids with their whole hearts.
  9. Vision. Pray that teachers will teach with an eye to not just the students before them, but who their students will become. Ask God to help them fully equip students for the future.
  10. Salvation. Pray that they will know and love God intimately, and walk in step with His Holy Spirit.
  11. Unity. Ask God that your teachers would work well in community with other teachers and administration, so that they can strengthen one another and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Their personal lives. Pray for their marriages, parenting, relationships, finances, and other aspects of their personal lives–all which influence a teacher in the classroom.

Thanks to Steven Helmick, among the top eight Arkansas’ 2014 teachers of the year, for lending his expertise to this list.

What would you add that you’ll pray for your child’s teachers?

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