One of my favorite ways to explore this generous grace is what it looks like worked into our lives and relationships, in uber-practical ways. Friends might agree that I tend to have ideas as thick, crazy, and big as my head o’ hair.

Help yourself to these, linked from A Generous Grace and other sites where I write.


50 Ways to Inspire Your Wifechris and jenn 10

50 Ways to Inspire Your Husband

50 Things to Say to Make Your Husband Feel Great

12 Ideas to Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling, and Part II

20 Ways to Protect Your Marriage

Sex after Kids: 11 Not-so-quickie ideas

12 Ways to Stay Close When the Going Gets Rough

5 Ways Gratitude Can Rev Up Your Sex Life


52 Things to Say to Make Your Child Feel Great

31 Ideas to Encourage Your Kid on a Bad Day

8 Ideas to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with God’s Word

10 Ideas to Help Kids Turn Suffering into Praise

20 Ideas and 20 More Ideas for Raising Globally-Minded Kids

50 Role-playing Ideas for Kids

31 Really-think-about-it Ideas to Boost Your Parenting

Spiritual Disciplines for Real Families: 10 Practical Ways to Teach Prayer (with FREE printables), Meditation and Contemplation, and Simplicity

8 Strategies for Tackling Kid Drama (Without Squashing Kids’ Emotions)

Parenting Advice I Can’t Live Without

26 Super-practical Parenting Hacks

Ideas to Help your Kids Deal with Their Fears, Part I and Part IIFamily in Africa Will is a nut

Protecting Your Kids from Sexual Predators

How we’re gaining control of screen time (free printables)

31 Scriptures to pray for your kids, part II, and a printable version

6 Ways to Pray for Your Kids (and Yourself) when you actually feel like tearing your hair out (free printable)

Anger Reminders (free printable)

32 Ideas for Making the Most of Reading with Your Child

Holes, and Why You Should Know Yours (and Your Kid’s)

7 Habits of Kids Who Solve Problems

Avoiding Burnout: 31 Ideas for Avoiding the No-Fry Zone

8 Ideas to Teach Your Kids to Say “Yes” to Discernment…and “No” to Judging Others, and Part II

25 Low-prep Service Projects to Teach Kids Gratitude

A Month of Easy Family Night Ideas

10 Ideas: Living the Gospel in Your Home

8 Practical Ways to Parent with Grace

7 Ideas for Raising a Daughter with Brothers

6 Ways to Help Your Child Grow (into their personal areas of giftedness)

8 Ideas to Raise Good Conversationalists

Picture Books that Teach Values: A Beginning List

5 Beefy Ideas for Moms of Boys

9 Ideas for Coping When Dad Travels


Relationships:corinne neighbor girls

6 Ideas to Encourage Authentic Relationships

6 Ways to Take Your Relationships Deeper

Discussion Questions to Take Your Relationships Deeper

5 Ideas to Keep Technology from Replacing Relationships

20 Ways to Mentor in Your 20’s

Am I Judgmental? Judgment vs. Discernment

The Nerve! Ideas to Hijack Your Relationship

Love Says No: How Boundaries Express True Care, Part I and Part II



28 Ideas to Connect with God (when your brain won’t quiet down)

Quiet Time Ideas for Moms with Littles

31 Anything-but-Vanilla Methods to Bring Fresh Flavor to Times with God

Away: Feeling Far from God


Holidays and Occasions:

A New Year’s Eve List

30 Ways to Help Your Kids Honor DadJohn and boys

30 Ideas for Spring Break

30 Ideas for Pent-up Energy on Hot Days

20 Ideas for Kids Waiting on Thanksgiving Dinner

9 Simple, uber-practical ways to express gratitude in November

9 Practical Ways to Savor the Christ in Your Christmas

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