It needs to be said. Blogging about parenting can feel a little like heading for an outhouse in a snowstorm, y’know?

Because honestly, there’s waaaaay too much I don’t get right. (And aren’t we all a little skeptical of the people who seem to be doing it with Pinterest perfection?) Sometimes I pull up a chair to blog about parenting and I’m thinking, Which failure shall I blog about this month?

From the beginning, I think God’s had it out for me to shake up my (firstborn, overachieving, idealistic) parenting goals. As in, pretty soon after those two little lines turned pink.

Something tells me you’ve got your own parenting expectations that kind of vaporized in the presence of real children. Goodbye, baby wash commercial. Hello, price-club paper-towels-that-double-as-ottoman.

Today, I’m posting on my friend Kristen Welch’s site,, about what to do with all of our expectations as parents. Want to think about it with me? Hop on over and check it out.

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