It was my senior year in my public high school; World History. We’d been assigned a debate with ties to Christianity in history. A lot of the brightest students from our school were involved. And here’s the brilliant logic that spiraled from my mouth: “So many people have given their lives for Christianity. They wouldn’t give their lives if it wasn’t true.”

The teacher swallowed and even rolled her eyes. My team, of course, was hung out to dry in the debate. Looking back, the flaw in logic was as clear as a Windex commercial: Who can tell all the people throughout time who’ve given their lives for lies?

Unfortunately, I stepped into a stereotype of Christians in that instance, which (God’s sovereignty aside, which it never is) affected the testimony I’d worked hard to cultivate among my unbelieving friends. In their eyes, I joined the ranks of the Christians who, for example, insisted Scripture supported the sun was not the center of the galaxy.

All that to say–I am pretty passionate about raising kids who can respond to life thoughtfully: and not just think well, but understand the heart questions the world’s asking. I want to demonstrate over and over and over that God and His Word are an anchor as deep as our culture’s most penetrating questions.

I’m jazzed to be guest posting again today on Raising Christian Kids to Think. Hop on over and check it out!

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