Real-life Motherhood Moments!

…Because there’s just too much real life not to share.



Son: Mom, what’s a hoagie?

(Mom explains. Missionary kids lack a little exposure, y’know?)

Son: Ooooh! I thought it was something you give someone. Like a wedgie or a wet willy. You know, “You’d better watch out or I’ll give you a hoagie!”


Filed under the category, “Um. So close”:

Math homework: What is the term for an angle greater than 90 degrees?

Son: Obese angle. 

Me: Who invented the cotton gin:

Son: Elvis Whitney.

Me: So 1,000 liters makes a…

Son: Kilomoliter.

Me: A what?


Me: Define equator.

(Loooooong pause)

Son: Well. It’s…it’s like the belly button of the planet.


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