New to these questions? See these notes first, along with Set #1 .

1.       What was one of the hardest experiences you endured or overcame growing up?

2.       What is something that consistently frustrates you?

3.       When do you feel most alive?

4.       What five qualities do you consider most important in a spouse?

5.       What are the top five values you believe parents should pass on to their children?

6.       What’s on your bucket list (your list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket)?

7.     By what act of love in your life have you been most humbled?

8.       Name three to five of the most influential people in your life—and explain why.

9.    How are you most like your dad, and most like your mom–or whoever was your guardian? How are you different from him or here?

10.   Name one person who probably doesn’t know how much they’ve influenced you, and explain why.


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