New to these questions? See these notes first, along with Set #1.

  1. With a friend, I’ll be going through these excellent questions to help steward all of your life for God’s glory. Check ‘em out!
  2. If you could have a cup of coffee with yourself ___ weeks/months/years ago, what advice would you have given yourself?
  3. What are the “tapes” that play in your head—and who put them there? Which ones do you find truly motivating, and which do you have a sneaking suspicion have some lies mixed in?
  4. What job(s) could you do that wouldn’t feel like work?
  5. Eric Liddel is known for his acknowledgment that “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.” In doing what do you feel God’s pleasure in you?
  6. How and when did you know what you wanted to do with your life—or are you there yet?
  7. As a child, what did you think that you would become? Why did that appeal to you, do you think?
  8. What weaknesses most frustrate you about yourself?
  9. For what are you most grateful about the way God made you?
  10. At the times when you are most worshipful, what are you usually doing?

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