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Real-life Motherhood Moments, #3

Real-life Motherhood Moments!

…Because there’s just too much real life not to share.

From a Generous Grace reader in Little Rock:

Daughter, sweetly, to younger brother: When you are done being selfish, may I have a turn?

Brother: O-tay.


My husband, to my son this evening: When you guys get done up there, you’ll need to come and pick up your wrappers down here.

Son: Because if we didn’t, that would be literacy?


Middle son leaps on top of oldest son. Oldest son is clobbered to the floor.

Oldest, indignantly: What in the world put that idea in your head?

Middle: Well. You look like a horse.


Feel free to add your own real-life moments in the comments section! You might also enjoy 25 Ways it is Okay to Fail as a Mom.

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