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131.What rituals does your family hold around births?
132. What rituals does your family hold around weddings?
133. What rituals does your family hold around deaths?
134. What staples would one find in your family’s cupboard or fridge? Maybe it’s chips and salsa, or a can of cream of mushroom soup, or your sister’s favorite cereal, your dad’s favorite brand of beer, or the value-club sized jar of pickles.
135. What advice (or commands) did your parents give about clothing and appearance? With what clothing items were you not allowed out of the house?
136. By what principles would you say your parents lived life?
137. What events in your family changed your family members?
138. What were your parents’ dreams? Your siblings’ dreams?
139. What is something your parents would never say that might be normal in other households?
140. What proverbs or “words of wisdom” were commonly dispensed by your parents or relatives?

141. What pets play a distinct role in your memories? Or if you didn’t have pets, what were the reasons?

142. How do you remember your parents romancing each other (if they did)? What evidences of passion or intimacy did you witness?

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