Real-life Motherhood Moments!

…Because there’s just too much real life not to share.

Second son: Mom, I think I need your help. I have a mosquito bite on my beauteous maximus.


Third son: It’s my turn for the Spiderman costume!

Daughter: O-kay. [sighs] But this time you have to wear underwear!


Mother and son, after checking in at U.S. airport to return to developing nation in Africa. Son has found U.S., family members with years of spoiling to catch up on, etc. to be like two months of straight Chuck E. Cheese, and longingly speaks of spending even more delicious time there. Mother finds herself a little exhausted with this rather repetitive string of dialogue.

Myself: What are you going to do, buddy? Just lay down on the tarmac?

Son [slowly, wistfully]: Yeah. And when the plan runs over me they’ll just say [eyes brighten here]…there goes another STEALTH MASTER.

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