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119. What were nicknames given to your family members–and the stories behind them?

120. What achievements does your family hold?
121. Are there any accomplishments that share as a family? My husband’s grandmother held a large number of “first ascents” of mountains in Colorado–and my husband’s father and my husband have both summitted Kilimanjaro. Perhaps your family holds a number of Eagle scouts or violinists or members of the bar.
122. What, if any, medical problems have been passed through your family? Which are a result of lifestyle, and which may be genetic?
123. How does your family respond to medical issues? Do they, for example, put them off? Vigilantly attend to checkups? Treat issues secretively? Speak openly about issues some consider private?
124. On what occasions, and in what manner, does your family travel?
125. What role and strength does your family’s nationality play? Are you ardent patriots, members of the military? Do you have a limited amount of pride in your nation?
126. How did you play as children? For example, did you role play a great deal? Play strategy games? Play outdoors?
127. How does your family respond to other cultures and foreigners? What stories come to mind about this?
128. What are the relationships currently like between your parents and their siblings?
129. What are the relationships currently like between your parents and their parents?
130. How would you describe your current relationship with your father? Your mother?

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