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107. How was your family viewed by your community?

108. What secrets about your family did you uncover later in life?

109. What were/are the expectations of children and their behavior, both spoken and unspoken?

110. What causes did your family support financially?

111. Where did your family and its members volunteer their time?

112. What sayings, proverbs, etc. did your parents frequently repeat?

113. We’ve already talked about how your family responds to grudges or extends grace. Are there people who have “burned bridges” (or with whom your family has burned bridges)–i.e. with whom your family still has a broken relationship? What is the history of this conflict? What had been precious to your family (or another family), but violated? Has your family explored forgiveness? (For more tips on conflict management, I highly recommend looking at these foundational concepts from Peacemakers.)

114. Who are your family’s close friends? Why do your families enjoy each other?

115. What smells do you associate with “home”?

116. What sounds do you associate with “home”?

117. What objects are precious to your family?

118. Are there any material possessions that your family has lost (through various circumstances)? How have these losses affected your family?

I remember being particularly impacted when–during the time we were moving away from the family farm where my dad had lived and worked all his life–I saw him selling his tools. He loved working on cars, loved helping other people with theirs. I was struck by the loss that he painfully but willingly gave away, in order to follow God. God’s given Him so much more in return now, in his new garage–but the sacrifice remains seared in my mind.

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