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95. What are your father’s greatest strengths?

96. What are your mother’s greatest strengths?

97. Which, if any, of your siblings (or children) are strong-willed? How has this affected your family?

98. How do your parents cope with stress?

99. How are your parents different from your grandparents?

100. What were your family’s expectation in chores for children?

101. What days in your childhood did you look forward to—i.e. snow days, holidays, Sundays, days away from home?

102. Describe your childhood home.

103. Describe your childhood bedroom (or at least one that sticks out in your mind).

104. Were there any major arrivals (adoptions, fostering, long-term guests, births) or deaths that significantly impacted your family?

105. What embarrassed your family?

106. What did your family reward?

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