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Interview-Your-Child Fridays, #4

interview your child fridays

For the ideas and suggestions behind this series, click here.

  1. What is one great memory you have with me, and one you have with Dad/Mom (the opposite parent; feel free to modify for your parenting situation)?
  2. What’s one of your favorite school subjects? What about your least favorite?
  3. What’s one of the most fun things you’ve done lately?
  4. What’s one way you feel people don’t always “get” you?
  5. What do you love about our house?
  6. If you could ask me any question, what would it be? (I can’t promise I’ll answer it, but I can promise I’ll consider it.)
  7. If you could go to any time in history, where and when would you go?
  8. Is there anything in your life right now that makes you feel sad, angry, or afraid? (For tips on dealing with fear, check out this post and its sequel.)
  9. If you could enter into the world of a movie you’ve seen, what would it be?
  10. If you could be an animal for a day, which would you pick?
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  1. This is such an awesome idea; wish I would have thought of it with MY kids. Love you, Gma

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